What Supplies Should Every Nursing Student Have?

Nursing Student SuppliesOne important question for someone getting ready to attend nursing school is “What supplies should every nursing student have?” In order to succeed in nursing school, a student must have specific supplies and resources to use in the classroom room as well as during study time. In some cases, these supplies will be essential after graduation as the graduate enters work in the nursing profession. Consider some of these must-have supplies.

A Wristwatch for Routine Tasks

Every nursing student should wear a wristwatch with numbers that are easy to read. The watch should also have a second hand. A nursing student has a lot of opportunities to practice taking a patient’s pulse. It makes the task easier if a student can glance down at his or her own watch to keep track of the seconds. In addition, a nursing student who has several classes a day needs to stay on schedule. Wearing a wristwatch can help a student arrive to each class on time. A watch that lights up can be of help to a student who is taking evening classes.

A Planner for Classes and Clinics

Like many students, a nursing student has a lot to do each day. A planner is a notebook that helps keep track of when assignments and papers are due. Also, if the student has an appointment to talk to an instructor or a meeting with an academic counselor, it can be added to the planner. Some nursing students set up a planner on their smart phone. Using a personal planner or a free scheduling application on your phone is highly recommended. It is a high-tech way to juggle appointments and assignments without carrying around an actual notebook planner. With a planner, a nursing student doesn’t have to remember his or her schedule. He or she simply glances at the book each morning to prepare for the day. This notebook can lessen a student’s stress about meeting deadlines and turning in assignments.

A Pocket and Full-Size Medical Dictionary

A medical dictionary is absolutely essential for someone studying to be a nurse. Inevitably, there will be unknown phrases and vocabulary words that are encountered during classes or reading. A student can refer to the full-size medical dictionary while studying. Alternatively, a pocket dictionary is ideal to take along to classes or refer to during a demonstration. After becoming a registered nurse, the individual may even continue the habit of carrying a pocket medical dictionary everyday.

A Stethoscope

A nursing student needs a reliable, appropriate stethoscope to use during classes and clinical practice. Students learn how to listen to a patient’s heart and use the stethoscope while taking a person’s blood pressure. It is a good idea for a nursing student to get comfortable with using this basic medical tool. If a nursing student isn’t sure where to get a stethoscope, he or she can ask an instructor for guidance. Today, there are stethoscopes available in a variety of colors.

With the right supplies, a nursing student can feel more confident about starting classes. These five items serve as practical answers to the question: “What supplies should every nursing student have?”