What Schooling and Experience Do I Need to Become a Nurse Recruiter?

Many have inquired how to become a nurse recruiter but not everyone can make the transition. According to the Houston Chronicle, a nurse recruiter is more than a person in human resources who is trying to fill job openings. They are highly trained individuals who hold important positions in the health care industry. With more positions in the nursing field than there are registered nurses, these recruiters must have the proper schooling and experience to fill positions within the health care industry. Let’s explore what it takes for someone to become a nurse recruiter.


Education is important in the nursing field. Qualified nursing candidates must have completed their education with an accredited program and passed the nursing board examinations for their state. The same schooling requirements apply to nurse recruiters. They are expected to have at least a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN), if not a master’s or advanced nursing degree. But education and training doesn’t end there for nurse recruiters. These recruiters are expected to have a working knowledge of human resources laws along with the healthcare facility policies and procedures. A minimum of some college credits in in human resource management is highly suggested to nurses looking to move their careers over to recruiting (see: Is There an Advantage to Earning Both a Business Degree and a Nursing Degree?)


Experience as a registered nurse is just as important as the educational requirements. In order to be effective, a recruiter in the nursing field must have a full understanding of the demands of each open nursing position they are recruiting for. In addition, they must be able to selectively interview candidates who can meet the demands of the open positions. To effectively accomplish this, the recruiter must have worked in the nursing field for a minimum of three to five years. With job expertise, nurses who move into human resources as recruiters do very well in filling open positions in a healthcare facility.


Nurse recruiters are an essential part of the healthcare facility. Their position promises to never be mundane. Nurse recruiters say good-bye to scrubs and tennis shoes and hello to a more professional office appearance. As a representative of the healthcare facility they are working for, recruiters are the problem solvers of open nursing positions. Recruiters are expected to recognize and find potential candidates using marketing strategies while maintaining their recruiting budget. According to an article on Education Career Articles, nursing recruiters are expected to stay up-to-date with the nursing field and any changes brought forth with technology. They are expected to fully understand the open positions they are recruiting for and have the ability to find potential candidates to fill them.

Becoming a nurse recruiter takes a person capable of making career changes. It takes a nurse who is able to find staff members who can carry out the expectations of the facility that is hiring. It also requires hands-on experience as a registered nurse. Furthermore, a minimum of a BSN along with knowledge of human resources laws, policies and procedures is necessary. This type of professional and educational background will provide first-hand knowledge of the nursing positions the recruiter will be filling for the healthcare facility. With hard work and the right training, it is possible to become a nurse recruiter in the healthcare industry.