What Kind of International Work Can I Do with My Nursing Degree?

What Kind of International Work Can I Do with My Nursing Degree?After working hard to obtain your nursing degree, you may be looking for opportunities to use your degree overseas. If you find yourself asking, “What kind of international work can I do with my nursing degree?” know that you several viable options.

Join the Military

Working as a nurse in the military gives you the ability to make a tremendous impact in the world and in the lives of those who serve. You might start working toward this goal while you are still in college. If you do, a possibility exists that your college education will be funded. If you have completed your studies, look into programs that require you to serve in another country at a military hospital taking care of the wounded and sick. This job is certain to require a lot of courage, but it also provides great rewards. You can learn more about this particular profession by visiting the U.S. Army Medicine page and by checking out the site: What Do I Need to Know About Working as a Nurse in the Military?

Nursing Jobs Overseas

Perhaps you want to bring your skills to another country, but the military is not the right fit. If you desire to have a fairly typical nursing job with the added bonus of meeting people from different cultures, look into nursing positions at hospitals and doctors’ offices overseas. Just keep in-mind that the certification and license requirements may be different in other countries. Therefore, you may need to take an additional test or course to qualify for work there. See: If I Want to Work as Nurse Overseas for more details regarding special schooling and licensing.

Bring Aid to the Underprivileged

So many countries are in desperate need of adequate health care, and many people, including children, are suffering. Look into programs that hire nurses to attend to these particular cases. While you are offering medical care at such facilities, you may also have the opportunity to start projects to raise more awareness about disease, living conditions and proper nutrition. For some nurses, this step can be a catalyst to major movements that help to improve the lives of many people in impoverished countries around the world.

Consider the Power of Volunteer Work

As a nurse, you likely have a caring personality and want to show other individuals the same compassion that someone else taught you. Therefore, think about doing some international volunteer work. While it might not add to your bank account, it can help to make you truly rich in spirit. These volunteer experiences could involve offering your services to a hospital or a nursing camp that provides free services. Or you might decide that you want to teach others about nursing so that local nurses can help people in their communities after you have returned to the States.

If nursing is your speciality, there are a lot of options to consider when you want to help people in other countries. Explore whether you want to take a position with the military or volunteer your time to help the next generation learn about health and nursing. You are sure to find many satisfying answers to the question of “What kind of international work can I do with my nursing degree?”