What is the Fastest and Best Way to Get a Nursing Degree?

quickest nursingNo matter the type of nurse that you choose to become, you will have to take part in much study. Many people underestimate the difficulty of becoming a nurse, only to find themselves dropping out of a nursing program soon after they start. To successfully graduate from a nursing program, you will need to prioritize your life. If you have a family, or if you are already a working professional, make sure you take part in a program that will accommodate these factors. By knowing what will best suit your needs and preferences, you will find it much easier to find a program that will allow you to graduate in the quickest manner possible according to your lifestyle.

To become a nurse, you will need to take part in formal training. You can obtain your formal education through an assortment of places, including vocational schools, universities, technical schools, online universities and more. The best place to attend school will depend on your preferences. There are several programs that you can attend to become a nurse; however, some of them are longer than others. Generally, the longer programs will lead to a higher level degree being earned. So, if you are wondering what the fastest way to become a nurse is, you need to understand that the type of nurse you want to become will actually determine how long it takes you to finish your studies. Let’s take a closer look below.

Certified Nursing Assistant

When it comes to the nursing profession, the quickest way to enter into it is by becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA). During your studies to become a CNA, you will be introduced to the field of nursing. The duties you will perform as a CNA will be very basic, and your pay level will likely be relatively low, especially compared to actual nurses. Your studies to become a CNA will take about six months to complete.

Licensed Vocational Nurse

If you want to pursue a career within the field of nursing that allows you to perform more extensive duties, the next fastest route to take is that of a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). As a LVN, you will work under the direct supervision of a registered nurse; however, you will be able to draw blood, take patients’ vital signs and much more. To become a LVN, you will have to take part in one year of formal educational studies. In addition, you will have to pass a licensure exam.

Registered Nurse

If you are wanting to become a registered nurse, the quickest route to take would be to earn an associate degree in nursing. This type of degree takes about two years to earn; however, some schools offer accelerated programs, enabling you to complete your studies in as little as 16 months. As an RN, you will earn a great paying salary, as well as be able to perform much more extensive duties than those performed by LVNs and CNAs.

In summary, the type of nursing you want to practice determines the length of program, and ultimately how quickly you can earn your degree. With ample research, you are sure to find the perfect nursing program to help you achieve your career goals.
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