What is a Fitness Nurse?

In today’s expanding field of nursing, an appropriate question might be: “What is a fitness nurse?” Although the position has yet to be thoroughly defined, an appropriate definition is that a fitness nurse is someone who recognizes a strong connection between physical fitness, a state of wellness, and the prevention of disease. A fitness nurse combines the science of nursing with the art of personal training.

Where Does a Fitness Nurse Work?

A fitness nurse works in a hospital or HMO center anywhere in the country or in one of many corporate health centers that are opening as employers become more aware of the strong link between a healthy functioning employee and a healthy functioning business. Fitness nurses also work in health clubs, spas, and surgical recovery sites. In all these places, they provide personal training as they assess the improving health of patients or clients. In a hospital or HMO, they keep people informed about exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

Some RNs work as fitness nurses full time; others find part-time contract work, for instance, with a sports team. A fitness nurse might be employed by a professional sports team or at the university or college level. They may work in a cardiac rehab unit. In the rehab setting, they may work with those who have suffered a heart attack or other cardiac-related event. Because the focus is always on the patient’s improving condition, these nurses often work closely with nutritionists and physical therapists. The end result is a program that makes recovery the number one target.

Fitness Nurse Training

Nurses who already hold a degree and wish to enter the field of fitness medicine might consider any of several graduate programs that offer degrees in sports medicine. To enter the fitness field, most RNs will probably need some specific courses that are related to physical education or sports-related injuries.
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Who Benefits from Fitness Nursing?

Most anyone who joins a fitness nursing program, whether in a rehab center or personal site can benefit from fitness nursing. He or she can expect these benefits: increased vitality, a better body shape, higher self-esteem, better fitness overall, and perhaps best of all, a goodbye to chronic illness. All this comes with combining the right exercise regimen with a good and sensible nutrition plan.

Most fitness programs encourage twice a week attendance at the fitness classes. In general, during each session, a fitness nurse will supervise the person in strength training. He or she will receive current and updated information on nutrition and any health tips that are pertinent to that person and his or her goals. The result is a better body and a better outlook on life, and that usually translates into a better and happier person.

What is a fitness nurse? The answer is someone who combines nursing skills with the art of preventive medicine. It is an exciting and growing field that is only now beginning to attract attention in the overall specialty. In fact, Scrubs Magazine named fitness nursing one of the 10 most exciting jobs in nursing. For those who find the combination of practical nursing and the benefits of overall wellness to be an exciting goal, fitness nursing has a brand new future for you. “What is a fitness nurse?” It may well be you.