What Does a Telemetry Nurse Do?

A telemetry nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in recording vital signs. This person is extremely important to a doctor because he or she helps monitor a patient’s progress before and after surgery. A telemetry nurse is also responsible for additional duties such as administering medication to patients, discussing medication and aftercare with a patient, and interacting with doctors and nurses about a patient’s condition. To become a telemetry nurse, a person will have to undergo a significant amount of training. The person must also pass an exam and accumulate experience in the specialized field of telemetry.

Characteristics of a Telemetry Specialist

A telemetry specialist is a nurse. Therefore, he or she must have a natural desire to care for other people. This person should also desire to communicate information to patients in a way they can easily understand. A telemetry expert may have a high interest in mathematics and pharmacology because both skills are necessary for the proper implementation of job tasks. Furthermore, a telemetry specialist will need to have a great deal of empathy and compassion. This person will understand the patient’s struggle, and he or she will have the ability to provide a wealth of moral support for that person.

Becoming a Telemetry Specialist

A person who desires to become a telemetry specialist will need to first obtain an education as a registered nurse. He or she may choose the four-year educational path and obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing (BSN). Many universities offer BSN programs (see: Top 10 Best Online RN to BSN Programs). Two additional training routes include an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program (two years) and an alternative license program. After a registered nurse graduates from school, the next step is to pass a national licensing examination and obtain experience in the telemetry profession (approximately 1,750 hours). Opportunities to work as a telemetry specialist may be available in various hospitals and healthcare facilities. A telemetry specialist will need to take the Progressive Care Certified Nurse examination shortly thereafter.

A Telemetry Specialist’s Day

A telemetry specialist may work in a hospital or as a home care provider. In a hospital setting, the workday will be fast-paced, and the nurse will have a number of patients assigned to him or her during a shift. A home care specialist may also have several patients to which he or she will travel between on a daily basis.

A Telemetry Nurse’s Potential

A person who obtains the experience and certifications for telemetry nursing will have the potential for a promising salary and a secure position. Opportunities for telemetry specialists are expected to increase more than 20 percent over the next eight years. The average yearly salary for a telemetry specialist is approximately $57,000. Entry-level nurses can earn up to $44,000 per annum. Those who obtain experience can earn as much as $70,000 per annum. The salary that a person earns depends on a number of factors that include location, education, experience and the facility in which the person chooses to work.

Telemetry is a positive nursing specialty that has a great deal of potential for suitable candidates. Interested persons should begin their training as quickly as possible. Taking specialized courses as early as high school is recommended, but a person can start training for a telemetry nurse position at any point in their career.