What Are Viable Positions If You Don’t Want to Be a Floor Nurse?

You’ve made it through the rigors of nursing school, survived the long nights of studying, and gritted your teeth through your internship. But once you’ve passed your board exams and you’re standing on the precipice of a shiny new career, what’s next? Most nurses go on to work in hospitals, but what do you do if the idea of 12-hour shifts on a hospital floor just isn’t appealing? Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of positions if you don’t want to be a floor nurse.

Nurse Case Manager

As a case manager, you’re responsible for arranging your patients’ care between facilities and providers. Unlike being a floor nurse, you’ll be able to focus on the long-term healthcare of your patients. You’re responsible for their care from the time they’re admitted to the hospital to the time they’re transferred or discharged. You’ll need to be an RN, but you can enhance your credentials by getting a certificate from the ANCC or the Commission for Case Management. Case managers make about the same salary as a floor nurse with a potential for an increase in salary with experience or certification.

Legal Nursing Consultant

This position is better suited for experienced nurses, so if you’ve put in a couple of years as a floor nurse, you’re a good prospect. You’ll have to enjoy deskwork as you’ll be spending a lot of time going over medical records. Legal consultants are generally employed by insurance companies and law offices to help wade through cases that need medical expertise. You’ll have a better chance being employed as a legal consultant if you have a bachelor’s degree, but you can also get a certificate to make yourself employable. The pay is good; most legal consultants charge $65 to $250 an hour.
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Cruise Ship Nursing

If you’re ready to set sail and live a life on the seas, consider becoming a cruise ship nurse. Because thousands of people are out in the middle of an ocean, most cruise ships employ nurses or nurse practitioners to handle emergencies or minor medical issues on board. There are even medical facilities and devices on hand like pharmacies and X-ray machines. Pay will vary, but most contracts run two to six months and you’ll be paid between $3000 to $5000 a month.

School Nurses

If you like to work with kids but being in a pediatrician’s office is a bit too much, you should consider working in a school nurse position. You’ll care for kids with chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes and deal with minor injuries. You may also take part in educating students on various health and wellness topics. You can be hired as a school nurse straight out of nursing school, but you’ll be a better prospect if you have pediatrics or emergency experience.
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Nursing Informatics

Does your passion lie in technology? You can still be involved in the medical field while taking care of the technological side of nursing. You’ll aid in the preparation and upkeep of the documentation software and help with maintaining the telemonitoring. You’ll ensure your nursing staff’s documentation software is as easy to use as possible and glitch free. This position requires a master’s degree in nursing informatics but provides a higher salary than a floor nurse’s.
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Don’t feel like you’re stuck with one or two career possibilities when you become a nurse. There is a wide world of career opportunities available to you with a nursing degree; you just have to look outside of the hospital. With some creative thinking, there are many positions if you don’t want to be a floor nurse.