What are the Qualities of a Good Online RN-BSN Program?

RN-BSN programs have grown increasingly popular as a career advancement move for nurses over the years. Statistics collected and reported by the American Association of Colleges and Nursing show that between the years 2013 and 2014, the RN-BSN enrollment rate spiked by 10.4%. Currently, there are close to 700 active RN-BSN programs.

Most of the programs’ curricula will share the same general foundation of essential classes needed to cover all of the bases, but there are many other factors that could potentially differ. When choosing an RN-BSN program, the following things are good standards to keep in mind before making a final decision.

Financial aid availability

Like any other educational program, a realistic consideration of an RN-BSN program’s cost is an essential step. Awareness of the costs is necessary for being able to make informed comparisons between the feasibility of different programs.

A wise step to make would be to find out if the RN-BSN program has any form of financial aid available for pending applicants. The earlier that financial aid inquiry is done in the application process, the more quickly those helpful funds can be disbursed.

Additional course enhancement tools

Depending on the nature of the particular RN-BSN program, there may or may not be a number of extra resources for enhancing the course experience. The more accommodating courses will offer helpful tools for the students’ convenience and assisted retention. Some of the unique course enhancement tools might include live support and classroom virtualization.

Attendance flexibility

The more flexible online RN-BSN programs will allow students to personally adjust frequency of their attendance. Depending on your schedule and responsibilities, you may or may not be better of with a part-time course arrangement rather than a full-time load. If you already have a demanding work schedule, it pays to inquire about the scheduling adjustment freedom offered by a RN-BSN program early on.

Career-targeted specialization

Depending on your personal ambitions in the field, the RN-BSN program’s specialized areas of focus for highly-targeted nursing careers may make it a highly favorable or irrelevant choice for you. Different programs may also cater to the development of a specific set of skills that suit the needs of some students more closely than others.

Even if an RN-BSN program does offer specialized opportunities for training and study materials pertaining to your nursing career, consider other programs that may also offer the same targeted emphasis. It could be helpful to compare the different depths of two RN-BSN programs’ shared focus in your specific career path.

RN-BSN programs remain a potentially strong move to make for ambitious nurses, and the above indicators are useful for getting the most out of the privilege. When it comes to determining the quality of an RN-BSN program, many of the factors will depend on how closely the program and course accommodations suit your personal needs and career goals. Make sure to confirm that the program’s financial accommodations, scheduling flexibility, course enhancement tools and core focus areas are all fitting matches for your needs.

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