What are the Advantages of Earning My RN-BSN Degree Online?

Any registered nurse who chooses to update her academic credentials should consider the advantages of earning an RN-BSN degree online. Many employers do not have a problem with employees studying for an RN-BSN degree online as long as you carry out your official duties accordingly. Here are the advantages of earning your RN-BSN degree online.

More Flexibility

A traditional RN-BSN degree program will require you to attend at least one class every semester. This means that you will have to spend at least three hours out of work once in while to meet this requirement. This can be very inconvenient and counterproductive, especially if you work in highly demanding areas like emergency and pediatric departments.

An online RN-BSN program will offer you the flexibility and convenience you need. You do not have to take a day off or postpone critical tasks to attend a class. You simply log on to your learning portal at your own time. This will give you more freedom to continue with other important tasks in your work station.

Greater Accessibility

Pursuing your RN-BSN degree program online does not depend on where you live. Many online schools allow access from all parts of the country. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer to study effectively from home. This allows you to serve your patients well while at the same time pursuing your BSN degree.

You Get to Finish Your Degree Faster

A full-time BSN student usually takes four years to complete her degree. Someone who already has an RN license can reduce this time to two years. This is possible because many of the credits earned at the diploma and associate’s levels are included in the electives. You will find that you can finish your degree in just 15 months online instead of the traditional 24 months.

You Gain More Experience Before You Graduate

A normal RN program gives you a lot of experience serving patients with different problems. Combining the experience you get with better academic credentials can open more doors for advanced positions in nursing. When you work as a registered nurse, you may not want to interfere with your normal routine by taking some time off from your job to attend RN-BSN classes. An online program will help you avoid this dilemma. You can keep your current schedule while at the same time meeting all the course requirements.

You Can Interact Efficiently With Your Instructors

An online RN-BSN program creates a conducive environment where you can interact more effectively with the professors leading your classes. This is very important, as it will give you a platform to create a good academic relationship with your professors. An online RN-BSN program lets you harness such interactions via the message board in your class and through emails. Those who are shy or soft-spoken may find an online degree program a perfect option for their personality.

The future of nursing is rapidly changing. More hospitals and other healthcare systems are beginning to compel their RNs to enroll in BSN degree programs. The advantages of earning an RN-BSN degree online discussed above will make your learning experience more convenient and fruitful when compared to the traditional program.

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