What Are the Advantages of an Advanced Nursing Degree?

For those that already have a nursing degree, it’s not uncommon to consider pursuing an advanced degree. If you find yourself in this place, you may be wondering what advantages there are to having an advanced nursing degree. There are always many benefits to more education and added credentials, and with an advanced nursing degree you will experience these advantages. While there are many types of advanced nursing degrees, attaining nearly any of the degree types can provide you with a boost in your career. To make clear the added benefits of an advanced nursing degree, below is a list of degree options and explanations of how taking the next step will help you.

More Career Options

The reason behind attaining an advanced degree in most careers is that the degree enables you to advance in your career. An advanced nursing degree works much the same way. According to NursingLink, you can take your nursing career further by specializing in a specific field. A few examples of advanced nursing career options are nurse researcher, nurse practitioner, nurse attorney, legal nurse consultant, clinical nurse specialist, occupational health nurse, and nurse administrator. These are just a few of the new levels that you can take your career to with an advanced degree.

You Become More Employable

Education adds something special to your career, and that is additional qualifications. With a higher level of education, you are able to take those learned skills and the knowledge that you gained and apply it to specializations in the field. Because many registered nurses do not pursue advanced degrees, those that do are highly needed in the field. According to NurseZone.com, nurses that gain advanced degrees are seeing more and more opportunities in the field. Furthermore, there are initiatives by organizations and government to help fund these advanced degrees due to the demand.

Higher Salary

As the formula usually goes, the more education, credentials, and qualifications one has, the higher the salary. This is true of the nursing field. According to U.S. News & World Report, individuals that graduate with a BA in nursing can expect to earn $50,000 at the entry level. On the other hand, pursuing an advanced degree can lead to immense economic benefits. While the degree may cost you anywhere from $35,000 – $50,000, you will also see a boost in your salary at the tune of $10,000 – $50,000 more per year depending on the type of advanced degree that you choose. Some of the most profitable and popular options include nurse practitioner and nurse researcher.

Greater Challenges

Performing the same tasks day after day can make you feel like you’re missing something in your career. That something can be responsibility, duties, and more. One way to gain a greater challenge out of your career is to take it to the next level with education. By advancing your education in nursing, you can get a higher-level job with many more challenges.


Overall, choosing an advanced degree in nursing is a wonderful option. You’ll challenge yourself, gain a higher salary, have more career options, and you’ll also find that you are more employable. When considering which degree option suites you, take into account your interests and which field of nursing appeals to you most. Research your options and check out the website: “What is the Best Way to Choose a Nursing Specialty?” This way, you just can’t go wrong when questioning what are the advantages of an advanced nursing degree.