What are Some Unusual Jobs for a Nurse with a BSN Degree?

With many nursing specialties available, students should have no problem finding an unusual job with a BSN degree. If you thought the only jobs available for nurses were in medical facilities and hospitals, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has news for you. According to the BLS, less than 60 percent of registered nurses work in hospitals. In fact, a nursing degree opens up opportunities into so many fields that nursing is easily one of the most useful, versatile degrees one can acquire. Here are some unique careers that you can pursue if you hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

Parish Nursing

If you’re a person of spiritual nature and are looking to bring your beliefs and enthusiasm into nursing, parish nursing is a fantastic career. These nurses choose to work in a community of faith, including temples, churches, or other religious institutions. Within this community, parish nurses work to improve both the spiritual well-being and physical health of the members. Although most parish nurses are associated with Christian denominations, the principles can be applied to nearly any belief system.

Forensic Nursing

The term “forensic nurse” might bring to mind television shows such as Bones or CSI, where medical professionals use their expertise to solve criminal cases. Although forensic nurses do play a part in the criminal justice system, these positions aren’t as romanticized as they are in the shows. Still, it’s a very cool and interesting career. Forensic nurses help patients by treating injuries, but they also look for signs that a crime has taken place and collect any evidence that might be on the victim’s or perpetrator’s body. Sometimes, forensic nurses are tasked with identifying bodies from remains. They are typically employed by hospitals, and they combine criminal justice, healthcare, and law into one challenging, cutting-edge career.

Nursing Informatics

If you love nursing but also have a thing for technology, this relatively new, exciting field combines both interests into one rewarding and challenging career. Nurses who pursue this path will combine their knowledge of the latest technologies with conscientious and efficient patient care, enabling them to more effectively manage records, care for patients in a medical facility, and reduce common job errors. Jobs in this field are often found in private consulting firms as well as in large medical facilities. Nursing informatics is a great choice for students who wish to bring cutting-edge technology into standard healthcare practice.

Holistic Nursing

If Florence Nightingale is one of your idols, consider a holistic nursing career. Holistic nurses focus on healing the entire person, not just the illness or condition that is hurting them. Holistic nurses work with patients to improve the health of their environment, relationships, emotions, minds, and bodies. In addition, many practitioners blend alternative medicine with traditional Western treatments. Holistic nurses may work in a variety of facilities but most commonly seek employment in private practices. Holistic nursing is the perfect career choice for someone who wishes to practice medicine but also wants a more interconnected, spiritual experience with his or her patients.

Nursing is a broad profession that extends beyond caring for patients in a hospital. Whether you’re returning to work after a hiatus, just started your nursing career, or are switching to a career in nursing, there are a number of unusual jobs for a nurse with a BSN degree.

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