Is There Any Advantage to Earning Both a Business Degree and a Nursing Degree?

Before an individual starts any college program, they are normally required to choose a specific field that they want to major in (i.e. English, Math, Science, Business, Chemistry, Information Technology, Geography, Sociology and the like). While some students may have a difficult time with making a choice, others know exactly what they want to major in as well as what they want to do. In some cases, students will not only choose one area of study, but they may also identify more than one field. Therefore, they may choose to pursue a double degree as an advantage over others. For instance, some people may have a better advantage over other applicants when they have a degree in nursing and a degree in business. In fact, a double degree is one of the best ways to beat out the competition when applying for promotional opportunities.

Become an Executive in a Hospital

These seemingly unrelated degrees could equip students with better advantages due to more flexibility and upward mobility. One such advantage is preparing them for executive management positions. Therefore, when the opportunities are presented, these candidates already have what they need to move into an executive career within the nursing field. Many nurses miss prime opportunities in their careers because they do not have the appropriate business degree or skills to assume an executive position.

Prepare for a Health Care Administration Role

Another option for this dual degree can be found in Health Care Administration Role. Health Care Administration is a wide-ranging field that uses both a nursing and a business degree. These administrators can search for employment in a number of businesses settings including health insurance organizations, nursing homes, health care associations, hospitals, physician practices as well as clinics. For instance, the knowledge acquired in nursing and business will better prepare these professionals to work in functions that require them to manage patient medical care and any associated billing systems.

Choose Positions from a Wide Array of Job Titles and Functions

Administrative Officer over Department of Veteran Affairs, Practice Manager, Director of Case Management, and Supervisor of Medical Records are only a few of the job titles that would require both business and medical knowledge. Without the combination of both, some medical professionals would not acquire the knowledge that they need to perform their jobs adequately. For instance, people who major in business and nursing have access to a wide variety of information from both fields of study.

Pursing a degree in business and nursing is a great combination for people who are interested in working in executive management or in the health care administration area. These degrees provide these job candidates with a big edge over their competition. Degrees in this seemingly unrelated areas can help to prepare the individual for moving into management when the opportunities arise. These individuals will not only have the nursing experience that is needed but the required business background as well.