Is It Possible for a Nursing Major to Study Abroad?

Like business, entertainment, and research, healthcare is becoming increasingly global. As a result, not only is it possible for nursing majors to study abroad, it is highly recommended. By learning different approaches to healthcare issues, nurses are able to solve problems in their home countries more creatively and effectively. This is a huge advantage and colleges are providing more study abroad opportunities for nurses every year.

What Are the Courses Offered in Study Abroad Programs?

There are a wide variety of different courses available when a nursing major studies abroad. These courses tend to focus on how clinicals work in the country that is being visited and the different cultural, political, and financial powers that influence who gets healthcare and how the system functions there. Nursing majors will also study the level of healthcare inequality in the country and the different methods that are being used to address it. Finally, nursing majors will compare and contrast nursing licenses from one country to another.

How Can a Nursing Major Get Into a Study Abroad Program?

The easiest way for a nursing major to enter into a study abroad program is through the college at which he or she is studying. The college will have information about the different programs that it sponsors, as well as advisors who will help the nursing major plan and fund the trip. It is exceedingly important for a student to start planning early in order to make sure that all of the details fall into place and that money is available for the time spent abroad. Another easy way for a nursing major to find study abroad programs is to visit the StudyAbroad website. It lists a variety of programs that welcome majors in the healthcare professions.

What Factors Need to be Considered?

According to the study abroad site, Go Overseas, the first factor that a nursing major needs to consider is whether or not the program offers courses that can be used toward a nursing degree. If the courses that are offered cannot be applied to a nursing degree, then it will probably take the nursing major more than the standard four years to graduate.

The second factor that will need to be looked at is the time that would be best for a nursing major to study abroad. Some nursing programs are designed so that certain courses must be taken immediately after one another. The interruption of studying abroad could throw these programs off and make it more difficult for a nursing major to graduate.

One last factor is to consider a program that takes place in the summer. Since most students do not take classes during the summer, the logistical problems described above would be completely avoided. If the courses will not help a student get closer to earning a diploma, then studying abroad in the summer will not delay a student’s graduation.

Studying abroad can greatly expand a nursing student’s experiences and give him or her a different perspective on healthcare. This will allow that student to better solve problems in the future.

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