How Important Is It For a Nursing Student To Be Involved In a Professional Organization for Nursing Students?

Nursing students should be involved in a professional organization for nursing students for many reasons. Once accepted into a nursing program, students will be entering the workplace for education through practical experience. Joining a professional organization for nursing students will make this experience easier and provide extra peace of mind in the fast-paced medical environment.

What are the Benefits of Joining a Professional Organization?

The major benefit of joining a professional organization is medical malpractice insurance and other protections for students who will be working with patients as part of their education. Joining a professional organization will also provide extra educational resources, discounts and benefits at retailers and service providers, and access to scholarships, conventions and conferences.The National Student Association of Nurses (NSNA) has an excellent video describing the benefits of joining their organization. Organizations like NSNA are likely to have chapters at most accredited nursing programs and benefits will vary based on the activity level of the local chapter.

Can Joining a Professional Organization Enhance my Career?

It’s never too early to prepare for entering the nursing profession. A student membership in a professional organization can make an application stand out to employers, especially if the student was actively involved in the organization. Instead of just going to meetings, try to become more involved in leadership roles to make applications stand out.

How Much Does it Cost?

Joining a professional organization costs much less than one would expect for the amount of benefits provided. NSNA’s dues range from $25-40 per year for new members. Renewal years cost slightly less, but the biggest savings comes from joining as a two-year member right away. Students can find the exact cost by viewing an application for membership in the National Student Nursing Association. Magazine subscriptions, conventions and other publications or services provided by a professional organization will often be discounted for members.

The most important reason a student should join a professional student nursing organization is to have the medical malpractice insurance and advocates in place before going into the medical field for educational training. Should anything go wrong, a student would be protected through his or her membership in the organization. While there are many other perks to joining a professional organization, it is absolutely necessary for students to be covered in case of injury or accident. Career services, discounts on nursing goods and services, and the educational experiences provided by active participation are some of the extra benefits of joining a professional organization for nursing students.

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