How Do I Manage Working While Pursuing an Advanced Nursing Degree?

If you are considering furthering your nursing career with an advanced degree, you may be asking yourself, “How do I manage working while pursuing an advanced nursing degree?” Pursuing a degree while continuing employment can have its obstacles. However, any challenge faced can be overcome. Communicating with your employer, considering the best nursing program for you, and organizational strategies can contribute to the manageability of working while pursuing an advanced nursing degree. For current students finishing up their first degrees and desiring more schooling, it is wise to research your potential employer. Many employers have perks for working students that plan to further their education. Work-related obstacles can also be addressed through strategic scheduling and distinct nursing program consideration. Online programs are a great way to remain employed with an inflexible employer while furthering your education.

Employers are a Big Role in Determining Factors

Before committing to one employer, graduates should research various employers that offer incentives for furthered education. For example, many health care organizations offer tuition reimbursement for employees pursuing advanced nursing degrees. The National Student Nurses’ Association offers helpful career planning resources. Carefully considered career planning can help a hard working nurse continue his or her degree.

Work Requirements that Limit Time and Access to Graduate Studies

Overcome work-related restraints by asking for a flexible work schedule and paid time off to continue graduate studies. If an employer cannot provide a flexible work schedule, then consider various nursing programs. Advanced nursing programs have flexible delivery options, including online courses. A complete list of programs in the United States can be found on the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s webpage. Online nursing programs have become increasingly popular and remain in high demand. The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing also has a list of online nursing programs. Online programs provide students with a convenient way to further their education while remaining employed (see: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Online Nursing Degree?)

Keys to Managing Work and School

While simultaneously working and going to school can be overwhelming, there are some organizational strategies that can increase manageability. It is important to establish a study place, one where you’re confident you will prosper. It is even more important to stay organized in order to maintain a balance between education and employment. Organize a routine through time management techniques. Differentiate and assign various study and work time frames. Having a support group can also decrease unnecessary levels of stress.

There are a variety of ways to reduce the complications of working while pursuing a graduate degree. It is important to consider which employer would be best suited for you. It is equally important to determine which type of nursing program is best for you. Once you have researched various employers and programs and found the one for you, you only have to make a few minor adjustments to better manage the process. Organization, time management, support groups, strict routine, and having a study station can help you answer the question of “How do I manage working while pursuing an advanced nursing degree?”