How Do I Know I am Ready to Earn My RN-BSN Degree?

After being a nurse for some time, you may be wondering whether you are ready to earn your RN-BSN degree. Although it may be difficult to go back to school, the rewards of earning a higher degree and furthering your nursing career might be appealing. If you are unsure whether you are prepared to accept the challenges that await, here are four signs you are ready to earn your RN-BSN degree and make a positive change in your career path.

You Want to Better Help Your Patients

Any nurse can provide quality patient care services, but knowledge is power. Earning a higher degree will help fulfill your desires to receive more medical training and hone your skills in the medical industry. Nurses who have obtained their BSNs often have a better understanding of the newest technologies and methods in the healthcare environment, and they often feel better prepared to care for their patients. The BSN career path will cover a number of topics that will help you do your job to the best of your ability.

You are Dealing with Burnout

It goes without saying that the medical field is extremely competitive and fast-paced. Also, many hospitals and healthcare facilities are understaffed, which means that one nurse may complete the job of several people. Burnout is common, and dealing with sensitive situations and working long shifts puts a toll on nurses’ mental well-being and emotions. If you often feel as though your candle is burning at both ends, it could be a sign you are ready to earn your RN-BSN degree. Doing so may reignite your passion for the nursing field and provide you with an opportunity to learn new, exciting skills. It may also offer insight into new ways to avoid burnout and to deal with different patient challenges.

You Want a Higher Salary

According to a recent survey, nurses who move from an RN to BSN degree are among the highest paid professionals in the license class. While nurses with a BSN and nurses with an RN earn similar salaries, those with BSNs will ultimately earn more over the course of his or her career. Nurses who hold BSN degrees have more chances to possess leadership positions that pay better, and they are typically employed at higher levels within the medical industry. If you feel as though you have maximized your earning potential, it might be time to turn your sights back toward the classroom.

You Want to Excel in a Leadership Role

The BSN degrees prepares nurses to take charge in medical environments. Topics covered include population management, finance, interprofessional communication, disease prevention and health policy. This educational background will help a nurse adapt to constant changes and take a central role in the field of healthcare. Nurses with a BSN must understand how to assist patients and their families while effectively retrain nurses and oversee the entire nursing staff.

The decision to pursue an RN-BSN degree requires consideration and thought. Nurses must weigh a number of factors, including current working conditions, home life and their goals for the future. If the above signs sound familiar to you, you can be reasonably certain that you are ready to earn your RN-BSN degree.

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