How Do I Build Good Relationships with My Professors in an Online Nursing Program?

Building good relationships with your professors in an online nursing program can have volumes of positive effects. From networking opportunities to easier teaching and relatability, fostering such a relationship helps the student and the professor alike. So, how does one go about actively pursuing such good relations? Here are five tips that can help those in the online learning environment to do just that.

Good Attitude and Enthusiasm

Chances are, your professors care a lot about the subjects they teach, as this is the career path they have chosen for themselves. A good attitude and some enthusiasm for the subject they teach and care about will show that you care about it as well. As a student, statistics say that a good attitude will help you as well in your own learning pursuits. A good attitude is after all directly linked to effective studying, easy integration of new concepts, a desire to learn, and more. According to experts, students have little chance of proficient learning without a positive attitude. For the professor-student relationship as well as student success as a whole, having a good attitude and some enthusiasm goes a long way.

Be Forthright and Giving

One of the most respected and beloved qualities one can have in the online learning environment is that of helpfulness and care for others. This is especially true when the program involves nursing, a profession based around the care of others. By extending yourself wherever needed, you will certainly gain the appreciation of your professors and thus a very real boost to your relations therein. In addition, becoming well-versed in this area prepares one not only for nursing as a profession but also for the necessary coursework in ethics and medical ethics that will be needed to get the nursing degree.

Most online classrooms are comprised of a variety of private as well as class-wide interactions and forums. In the class-wide forums, offer assistance to fellow students. Engage peers and professors here with a spirit of caring and availability whenever needed. Also, try to be involved actively in all discussions and group endeavors. All of this will garner the appreciation of classmates as well as the respect and appreciation of professors.

Be a Communicator

None of the aforementioned approaches would be possible if not for the ability to be a good communicator. In fact, typical nursing course subjects in English composition, psychology, public speaking, and others rely heavily on communication skills. Therefore, being a good communicator is the final piece of advice for those wanting to foster positive student-professor relations. There are a few steps to being proficient here, though.

Be timely when responding to others. Be active and don’t be the last one to voice a reply or opinion. In addition, possibly the most important aspect to being an effective communicator is to be an effective listener and responder. Listen carefully to what others say, to their concerns, opinions, and questions. Only then can you form directly relevant and effective responses. This pertains to all communications, academic or not.

As so well-put by Forbes writer, Greg Satell, “It has become fashionable to say that our present epoch is an information age, but that’s not quite right. In truth, we live in a communication age”. Master the art of communication, and you will master the student-professor relationship online.

In the end, attitude, disposition to others, and an ability to effectively communicate are the cornerstones of good relationships within the online classroom. Do well in these areas and your relationships will likely prosper. This pertains to building good relationships with your online nursing program professors as well as all other online, college-level relationships you may be involved in going forward.

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